This is a directory of ongoing arts and cultural activities around La Paz. Listings range from painting workshops and film clubs to live music and dance classes. Many activities take a summer break. Schedules change, and -- unless noted otherwise -- the entire list was last updated spring 2013, so get in touch directly with activity organizers to confirm information.

ART WORKSHOP — El Taller de la Medusa: There are sometimes classes for teens and adults at El Taller de la Medusa, Constitución 310 between Revolución and Serdán. For more information, call 612-156-7949. Fall 2012 classes included painting and silk screening two evenings a week. (updated November 2012)

ART WORKSHOP — Jardín Velasco: Raúl Escobedo offers a drawing workshop at 4 p.m. Monday to Sunday in Jardín Velasco. Admission is free. For information, call 12 2 87 80. (updated April 2014).

ART WORKSHOP — Marina de La Paz: The group meets in the Vista Room at Marina de la Paz.  For more information, contact Roger Wise at (updated November 2012)

BOOK GROUP — Palabra por Palabra book group: The group meets monthly to discuss a book picked in advance for that session. During summer months, there is no assigned book, but participants share information about books they have read and recommend. Meetings are at the centrally located home of one of its members, generally at 2 p.m. the first Tuesday of the month. For more information,  e-mail or contact Allende Books on Independencia #518, between Serdan and Prieto, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Allende Books’ phone number is (612)125 9114.

CHILDREN’S ACTIVITIES — AbraPalabra library:  Stories, crafts and other activities are offered at AbraPalabra, a non-profit children’s library on the grounds of the Galería Galería art gallery on Revolución at the corner of Juárez. The library is for newborns to 12-year-olds.  There are story hours and crafts. Admission is free to the library. There are workshops Saturday morning (there may be a fee to cover materials). For more information, visit AbraPalabra or call 612-108-9820. (Updated November 2012)

COOKING CLASSES — Buen Provecho La Paz:  Buen Provecho La Paz offers Mexican cooking classes in English that explore the coming together of ancient and historic cuisines, celebrating the flavors of Mexico.  Participants cook a varied menu that culminates in a delicious meal. Classes are offered fall till spring.  Please check the web site for details, or call 612-122-6409 for additional information.  Address is Revolucion #555, between Republica and Guerrero.  E-mail is (updated January 2014)

COOKING CLASSES — El Nopal Spanish language school:  In addition to Spanish language classes, El Nopal offers cooking sessions, where participants learn the history behind each plate and help prepare and eat the dinner. For more information, e-mail or visit the website at or phone 612 188 05 77.

CULTURAL ACTIVITIES — Se Habla cultural presentation in simple Spanish: Se Habla La Paz language school has a weekly cultural talk in simple Spanish Tuesdays from 1:15 to 2 p.m.. Most presentations are at the school, but there is the occasional fieldtrip. Se Habla is at Francisco I. Madero #540, between Republica and Guerrero. Phone number is (612) 122-7763. E-mail is and the website is Office Hours: 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. (Updated January 2014).

ECOLOGY ACTIVITIES — Ecology Project International: EPI has projects, workshops and field trips. EPI is located on Guillermo Prieto #1038 between Navarro and Encinas. Visit the office for more information or go to the website at

FILMS — Alianza Francesa film club: The film club has showings with different themes at Centro Cultural Roger de Conynck, Gomez Farias 525, between República and Guerrero. Admission is free. For more information, contact Alianza Francesa de La Paz, 122-2888. (updated December 2012)

FILMS — Centro de Artes, Tradiciones y Cultural Populares film series: The centre has showings as part of an evening film series. For more information, visit the Centro de Artes, Tradiciones y Cultural Populares de BCS on Madero and 5 de Mayo facing Jardín Velasco.

FILMS — Cine Club at Centro Cultural La Paz: Centro Cultural La Paz shows free films as part of an ongoing cine club. Visit the centre on 16 de Septiembre near Belisario Dominguez for more information.

FILMS — commercial movie theatres in La Paz: There are three multiplex movie theatres in the city: Cinépolis La Paz (in the original Soriana shopping centre), Cinépolis Paseo La Paz (near the new Soriana and Home Depot) and Cinemex (a multi-screen theatre and the more luxurious Platino theatre in the Mega shopping centre on Abasolo). To find out what’s playing at the two Cinépolis theatres, go to the website and for Cinemex, go to the website For both websites, follow the links to La Paz.

FRENCH CLASSES — Alianza Francesa: Alianza Francesa offers classes in French at its cultural centre, Centro Cultural Roger de Conynck. Classes are offered for more than one level; there are also groups for reading, conversation and seminars. The French cultural centre is at Gomez Farias 525, between República and Guerrero. Hours of the centre are listed as Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 13:00 and 17:00 to 21:00. Phone number is 612-122-2888. E-mail address is Website is (updated January 2013).

GARDENING — Raíz de Fondo community gardening activities: Raíz de Fondo in La Paz offers workshops and activities at its organic gardening sites. For information, visit the project’s website at You can contact the group at (updated January 2014)

MARKET TUESDAY AND SATURDAY— Madero Street: Vendors sell organic produce, baked goods, other home-made foods and some crafts on Madero Street between 5 de Mayo and Constitución, clustered around Pan d’Les Bakery . The market is Tuesday and Saturday from about 9 a.m. to noon. (updated January 2014). 

MARKET SATURDAY— 5 de Febrero at Rangel: Vendors sell organic produce, home-made foods and some crafts on the end of 5 de Febrero at Rangel, near the water. Selling at the morning market gets underway at about 9 a.m. Saturdays.  (Updated March 2013)

MUSIC LIVE AND CLASSES — Escuela de Música del Estado: Rehearsals of the Orquesta Juvenil de la Escuela de Música del Estado, 1055 Morelos on the corner of Marcelo Rubio, are free and open to the public at Sala de Conciertos La Paz. Check with the school for current dates and times. The school offers classes for students of classical music. The school’s phone number is  122-2286 or 125-5519 and the e-mail address is (updated January 2014)

MUSIC LIVE — Ciao Molino restaurant: There may be a jam session (it used to be Wednesday, then was switched to Thursday), beginning about 6:30 p.m. at Ciao Molino, at Topete and Legaspy, across the street from Marina de La Paz. All musicians are welcome. The jam session was not happening late 2013, so check with the restaurant to see if it’s started up again. (updated January, 2014)

MUSIC LIVE — Galería La Encantada: There is live music most Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, starting around 8 or 9 p.m. in the gallery courtyard. The gallery is on Belisario Dominguez 1245 between 5 de Mayo and Constitución. For up-to-date information, call 18 5 34 69  or 612 14 00 3 91 or e-mail or (Updated March 2013)

MUSIC LIVE — La Costa Restaurant: Plan B, a classic rock-and-roll band that will get you dancing, has been playing Wednesdays 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. at this seaside restaurant one block from Marina de La Paz on Topete and Antonio Navarro. Check directly with the restaurant for up-to-date information. (Updated December 2012)

MUSIC LIVE — Spuelas Restaurant Sports Bar: Spuelas, located at Kilometre 14 on the Carretera Norte in El Centenario, features live music some nights. The lineup (as of January 2014): The Silver Band (blues and rock) on Fridays and Jurassic Rock  Band (hits of the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s) on Saturdays, both nights from 7 p.m. until midnight. Other musicians sometimes join in to jam with the bands. Call Paty or Araceli for current information at 612-124-6573 or find Spuelas on Facebook at (updated January 2014).

SALSA AND TANGO CLASSES — Verónica Arte y Diseño:  Verónica Pérez García gives group and private lessons in her studio or in your home. Call land-line (612) 12 26022 or cellphone 6121589755, or find her on facebook: (updated January 2014)

SALSA CLASSES — Stella’s restaurant: There are classes some Friday evenings at Stella restaurant-bar on the Malecón at Márquez de León. Check with the restaurant for more information. (updated February 2014)

SPANISH CLASSES — El Nopal Spanish Language School: El Nopal describes its approach as providing personalized services that guarantee students will learn Spanish in a practical and fun way. Through the classes and packages offered, the goal is for the student to learn the language, live the culture and enjoy the exotic nature of La Paz. Register online or call (612) 188 05 77. Visit the school’s website at

SPANISH CLASSES — Se Habla…La Paz Spanish Language School: Se Habla offers courses in Spanish for general learners and specialized classes for legal and medical professionals.  The language school also offers one-to-one SKYPE virtual classes. Call (612) 122-7763 or stop by the office, Monday through Friday 8 a .m. to 2 p.m. (or later by appointment). School address is Francisco Madero #540, between Republica and Guerrero. E-mail is  The website is at The school also gives a free cultural presentation open to the public in simple Spanish Tuesdays from 1:15 to 2 p.m.. 

SPANISH CLASSES — Simple Spanish: “Simple Spanish” director Montserrat Bueno Espinosa de los Monteros offers classes that feature Mexican culture and literature, as well as language. E-mail Visit the website at She is also a bilingual novelist, author of A Harvest of 200 Suns, written in Spanish, English and Tzeltal. You can learn more about her novel from her website at

SPANISH CLASSES — Spanish with Sergio: Sergio offers personalized services at school or in the student’s home. There are intensive courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced students. Sergio also has lessons online. He also offers preparation for the Mexican citizenship test. Phone 121-2224 (home), Cel 044-612-137-7058, e-mail or visit Sergio's web page for more information. (updated February 2014)

SPANISH CLASSES — with Graciela: For information about Spanish language workshops in El Centenario, contact

THEATRE GROUP — Pelican Theatre La Paz: This group, founded in 2013, says its goal is to bring bold, contemporary and edgy English-language comedy to its audience and to create a troupe of professional actors from the Mexican and Gringo communities. David Coxwell is Artistic Director; Cindy Crane is Executive Producer. Volunteers are welcome. For more information, e-mail or visit the group’s website at (updated November 2013)

VARIOUS WORKSHOPS & RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES — Agenda Cultural de Baja California Sur listings: The Agenda Cultural de Baja California Sur is published monthly by the Instituto Sudcaliforniano de Cultural. This excellent calendar of events lists several classes and workshops for adults, young people and children. Be prepared to use your Spanish. You can find the most recent Agenda Cultural online: follow the links for “agenda cultural” from the state government’s website at  You may be able to pick up a copy of the Agenda Cultural at the tourism office next to the skateboard park (Obregón between Bravo and Rosales) or at the newer tourism office on 16 de Septiembre at the corner of Belisario Dominguez, across the street from Sears department store. In particular, check out listings of workshops at Casa de la Cultura del Estado, the public libraries, the Centro Cultural La Paz and Casa de la Cultura Municipal.

VARIOUS WORKSHOPS & RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES — Casa de la Cultura del Estado:  This organization provides a goldmine of courses. There is a wide variety — everything from drawing and painting, formation of musical groups and Hawaiian dancing for mature women, Spanish for foreigners and more. The focus is mainly on classes for children and young people, but some programs are for adults. Admission is open year ’round.  For more information, visit Casa de la Cultura at Madero 825, between Salvatierra y Torre Iglesias (recent posted hours are Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. or Saturdays from 9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.). Telephone: 122 90 40 y 122 73 86. e-mail or visit

VARIOUS WORKSHOPS & RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES — Casa de Cultura Municipal, ongoing: For information on current activities, contact the Casa de la Cultura Municipal, which has moved to Calle Queretaro on the corner of Yucatan #1810. Hours, according to the website: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m..  Phone number is 122-8784; Facebook page is CulturaLaPaz. E-mail address is

VARIOUS WORKSHOPS & RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES — Centro Cultural La Paz, ongoing: Past workshops have included tango, aerial dance and salsa. For information on current activities, contact the cultural centre at 16 de Septiembre at the corner of Belisario Dominguez. Posted hours for Centro Cultural La Paz: Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday and Sunday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.. Phone number is (612) 122-0065. E-mail address is

VARIOUS WORKSHOPS & RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES — Club Cruceros: Club Cruceros started as a resource for sailors, but has expanded into many other areas. The club offers classes and activities for English speakers, including morning yoga class at Marina de La Paz, domino (Méxican train) games at La Costa Restaurant, bridge games at The Dock restaurant at Marina de La Paz, watercolour sessions at the Club Cruceros clubhouse and Spanish classes. Landlubbers, as well as boaters, are welcome to join Club Cruceros for 100 pesos per year. Visit the clubhouse at Marina de La Paz, Topete and Legaspi, during morning coffeehour Monday through Saturday, 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. to learn more. Or go to the web site at

VARIOUS WORKSHOPS & RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES — Galería, Galería: The gallery has had a variety of workshops and activities, including jewelry making for adults, paper maché, painting for adults, painting for children, cake decorating for adults and cookie and candy decorating for children. There are also activities at the children’s library (see “Children’s Activities” listing above for AbraPalabra). For more information, visit Galería Galería, Revolución 590 at the corner of Juarez, e-mail or phone 612-1256973.

VARIOUS WORKSHOPS & RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES — IMSS Courses: There are a variety of classes at IMSS (El Instututo Mexicano del Seguro Social), on the Malecón at Obregón and Héroes del 47. Classes have ranged from ballroom dance to yoga and tai chi chuan. IMSS is open from 8 a.m. to 20:00 Monday through Friday. To register, you will need a copy of your CURP card, photographs, a utilities receipt as proof of residency, etc. Visit the office for more information or phone 2-367-00 or 12-367-15, extension 31184 or 31717. (updated September 2012)

WRITERS’ GROUP — The Sea of Cortés Writers’ Group: The Sea of Cortés Writers' Circle meets at 10 a.m.Thursdays at Cafe Corazón restaurant on Revolución at the corner of Constitución. Writers read aloud from their English-language work (poetry, prose, fiction or nonfiction pieces) and get feedback from other writers. Newcomers are welcome. (updated May 2014)

YOGA  —  Instruction with Ayesha Estrada: Classes and workshops include a wide range of levels, including yoga for children and parents. For more information on Ayesha’s yoga classes, visit the Centro Holístico, Melchor Ocampo #714-A (across from Telmex), contact Ayesha at 612-128-6712 or go to her website at